Since its establishment in 1980 Asahi Lite Optical in Sabae, Japan has been producing and selling ultra high refractive index organic lenses.
As the first company worldwide Asahi Lite has developed organic lenses with 1.60, 1.67 and 1.74 refractive indices and has been keeping their pioneering position in the market ever since:

  • with innovative technologies,
  • partially together with specialized and highly renowned technical partners,
  • with a very efficient worldwide distribution system,
  • represented in Europe by Asahi Lite Optical (Europe) GmbH.

Company History

  • 1980 Establishment / Founding in Fukui, Japan
  • 1987 Introduction of Hyper Index 1.60
  • 1988 Acquisition of Optima Inc., USA
  • 1992 Introduction of Hyper Index 1.67
  • 1993 Beginning of a technical cooperation with Carl Zeiss
  • 1994 Establishment of Asahi Lite Optical (Europe) GmbH in Hamburg, Germany
  • 1994 Introduction of Hyper Lite 1.60
  • 2000 Introduction of Hyper Index 1.74 – a milestone in the development of ultra high refractive index organic lenses
  • 2012 Introduction of the worldwide unique tintable 1.74 lens
  • 2013 Beginning of the cooperation with Shanghai Conant Optics (China)
  • 2015 Introduction of Hyper Protection lenses (UV3G) with UV Protection up to 420nm
  • 2018 Introduction of Hyper Protection 1.74 UV3G Photochromic lens

"Creation of a vision founded on the future"

We at Asahi Lite see ourselves for the main part as an innovative developer and spectacle lens manufacturer. We do not disregard requirements to design and fashion and always keep in mind the primary purpose of the lenses: to ensure optimum vision.

And this with the highest user friendliness:
Our lenses are optically matured, light, thin, crystal-clear, robust and last but not least, when wearing them – one is good-looking as well.